How your thinking habits can affect your happiness

How your thinking habits can affect your happiness

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Overtime, unhelpful thinking habits can develop that distort how you rationalise a situation. These thoughts can increase anxiety and stress levels that sometimes lead to panic attacks. Here are just a few unhelpful thinking habits that might ring a bell with you.

Black & White thinking: Believing that someone or something can only be good or bad, right or wrong rather than anything in between. What shade of grey could it be? None of us are perfect!

Imagining and believing the worst possible thing will happen. Rationalise and keep rationalising. Think about what is most likely to happen instead.

Critical Self:
Putting yourself down, self-criticism, blaming yourself for stuff that you're not (totally) responsible for. Challenge if it’s totally your fault. Be as kind to yourself as you to others.

Mind reading:
Assuming you know what others are thinking (about you). Am you assuming? What evidence do you have? These are your own thoughts not theirs.

Shoulds & Musts:
Thinking or saying ‘I should’, ‘I shouldn’t’, ‘I must’ or ‘I mustn’t’ puts pressure on you and sets unrealistic expectations. Are you trying to be ‘perfect’? Who's expectations are you trying to live up to? Yours or someone else's?

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